We like to make charitable giving as easy and painless for you as possible. You can already help us out by shopping at Amazon Smile. Now you can help us even more by doing something you already do a lot of– grocery shopping at Dillons.
Through its Community Rewards program, Dillons allocates $2.0-MILLION annually to assist local schools and charitable organizations in our area. We get credit for every purchase you make using their Plus shopper’s card, which in turn helps to raise funds for our organization. The more you shop with them, the more opportunity we have to earn bigger rewards. It’s that easy!
How does it work?
Dillons will pay up to $500,000 on a quarterly basis to be distributed among all participating eligible organizations. The payout to each organization is based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Community Rewards organizations. So, the more you shop, the bigger the slice of pie we get.
Cool. What do I need to do?
Step 1: Have a Dillons Plus card (Or sign up for one- It’s free). Check.
Step 2: Register your card on the Dillons website (also free). Check (Registering here will also let you load digital coupons to your Plus card that will be applied at the register when you check out AUTOMAGICALLY. You’re welcome.)
Step 3: Go to Dillons.com/communityrewards to connect your Plus card to our NPO account.  You will need to search for Babywearing International of Wichita or just put in our NPO #61097. Boom. Done.
You just did a thing that was good. Good on you!
Currently you will be required to re-register your Community Rewards recipient to you Plus card on the Dillons website on a yearly basis.
Nearly everything in the store counts toward rewards for our organization. Specific purchases that cannot be included are: alcohol, tobacco, government assisted pharmacy expenses, postage, bottle deposits, lottery, Western Union, other customer care services, promotional tickets, fuel, sales tax, Kroger Co. family of stores gift cards, Green Dot prepaid reloadable products, MoneyPaks, 1-2-3 Rewards reloadable Visa prepaid debit card, Visa variable load gift cards, MasterCard variable load gift cards, American Express variable load gift cards.
If you have a Dillon’s card but are unable to enroll on the Dillon’s website, let us know at a meeting and we will gladly help you get set up with Community Rewards!
For more detailed information about registering on the Dillon’s website and enrolling in the Community Rewards program, here is a handy dandy brochure! DCR How to Enroll Your Plus Card