Other Kansas Babywearing Groups

Kansas City Babywearing Society | KCBS Chatter

Flint Hills Babywearing Foundation | FHBS Chatter Group

Ad Astra Babywearing of Topeka | Ad Astra Babywearing of Topeka Chat

Lawrence Babywearing

Salina Kansas Babywearing

Salina Area & Surrounding Cities Babywearing

Winfield Kansas Babywearers Group

Mid Kansas Babywearing

SWKS Babywearing

Where to Find A Babywearing Group Near You

Many of the directories currently available are not routinely kept up to date as groups dissolve and begin but these databases can give you a jump start on your search. Keep in mind that with the 2018 dissolution of Babywearing International over 100 chapters either dissolved or changed their operating names.

Wrap Your Baby


Onya Baby

Caring is Wearing

Babywearing Meetups

Pax Baby

Other Babywearing Nonprofits

There are many specialized babywearing non-profits that focus on a unique population of caregivers and/or children. If you are looking for information or assistance with unique babywearing needs, these groups are here to help

Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive

Uzazi Village

The Carrying On Project

Therapeutic Babywearing

World On My Shoulders

Baby Carriers Provided