All official BWI events will be listed on our public Facebook page. Like and follow our Facebook Page so that you don’t miss out on any of our chapter meetings or special events! You can also sign up for text or email notices at @ICTBWI.
All monthly educational meetings  are free and open to the public. You do not have to be a paid member to attend or receive assistance at any meeting. A Volunteer Babywearing Educator will be present at all meetings to provide hands-on assistance and instruction. We may also have a Chapter Support Volunteer available for administrative tasks.
Meetings are generally two hours long and although we encourage you to arrive at the beginning of the meeting, we understand if you need to come later as your schedule allows.

[Image Description: Overlapping text bubbles and Babywearing International (TM) logo Image Text: Who attends BABYWEARING MEETINGS? Expecting Parents Dads Nannies Educators Parents Volunteers Older Siblings Moms Grandparents Babysitters Foster Parents Extended Family Anyone caring for a child is welcome. Feel free to meet the needs of your child(ren) during the meeting.]
[Image Description: Road map with directions from the beginning to the end of a babywearing meeting and the Babywearing International (TM) logo Image Text: Navigating Your First Babywearing Meeting Join one of BWI’s free instructional meetings! BEFORE THE MEETING Find the next event on our website, Facebook page, or Facebook group. Feel free to bring any carriers you own, your children, and support people. AT THE START OF THE MEETING Sign in, return any carriers you have due, and settle in. DURING THE MEETING Learn how to babywear! Get free advice from Volunteer Babywearing Educators, ask questions, and try on any of the library carriers. END OF THE MEETING Sign up to take home a library carrier (ask your chapter for the details). See you next month!]